In many areas of the existing – from the macrocosm to the microcosm – harmonic oscillations can be observed, i.e. constant, repetitive sequences of motion which are inherent to the phenomenon of resonance. Vibrations transfer themselves and stimulate further vibrations (lat. re-sonare = to resonate). I would like to attune artificially and artistically generated vibrations to the natural rhythms of the cosmos. Therefore I use so-called planet tones for the sonification of plants.

(this project is still in progress)

Last month I built a device for measuring electrical conductance based on open source knowledge by electricityforprogress. It  is currently being tested as a prototype. Together with my colleague Björn Bergelt (electrical engineer) and Marcus Degenkolbe (software developer), we want to extend this device to a toolkit with which the conductance of three plants can be measured simultaneously. 

By means of an Arduino Patch, which still has to be modified, the measured data will be translated into audible MIDI notes, which can be interpreted by a connected synthesizer (Abelton, SonicPi, etc.). In this media-technological way the measured data is sonified – the vitality or stress of the plant becomes audible.

Used Tools for Prototyp: SonicPi, Arduino IDE, Serial MIDI, Arduino Uno, Solderless Breadboard, Electrode Leads 3.5mm jack to dual snap, Electro Pads, Jumper Wires, LEDs, 555 Timer IC, Potenziometer, Button, 3.5mm Jack, 5 Pin MIDI Jack, 7×220 ohm resistor, 100 ohm resistor, 0.1 uF capacitor, 4700 pF capacitor, 47 uF capacitor

Contributors: Björn Bergelt (Hardware-Entwickler), Marcus Degenkolbe (Arduino-Software-Entwickler)

Future Presentation: 29./30.08.2020 OUTSIDEININSIDEOUT, Torhaus Wehlen in Saxon Switzerland

Device plant sonification
Device mit Arduino
Experimental arrangement